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A Life of Achievement and Service and a Passion
for the Internet and for Beautiful Things

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has been a top achiever for a VERY long time. He published his first article at age 5. An afternoon newsboy, he started his own newspaper at age 10, sold stock and, yes, paid dividends! Even then media and communications intrigued him. This has never stopped!

Editor of his high school newspaper, editor of his class book, editor of the literary magazine, he also wrote a weekly column. That continued in college -- and so did the awards accumulated along the way.

Graduated with highest honors from University High School, Los Angeles, he graduated summa cum laude (one of only 11) from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Along the way, he spent his junior year at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, where he won the University Prize in Philosophy and became the first American ever elected to the Students Representative Council.

At UCSB he became the University's first-ever Woodrow Wilson Fellow and was actively recruited by over 60 graduate schools, each offering him full doctoral fellowships. He chose Harvard, where he also became a Harvard Traveling Fellow, Harvard Teaching Fellow, and winner of a Master's Award for special achievement, en route to graduating with both a Master's and Ph.D.

Upon graduation he took a third post-graduate degree, the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Higher Education Administration at Northeastern University, where he became the first student to cite his own published work (by now very extensive) in footnotes to his class papers.

After a stint as Assistant to the President of Radcliffe College, Dr. Lant decided to set off on his own. He set up a consulting practice for non-profit organizations in 1976 and published his third book, Development Today: A Fund Raising Guide For Nonprofit Organizations. (Previous books had dealt with English Court ceremonial in the age of Queen Victoria. Entitled, Insubstantial Pageant: Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria's Court, Dr. Lant became the first American ever granted access to the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. Major U.K. publications featured the publication on this book as front-page news and the Associated Press ran an international article cheekily titled "A Massachusetts Yankee at Queen Victoria's Court" (with apologies to Mark Twain). Another book, Our Harvard, dealt with the memories of eminent Harvard grads, including Dr. Lant himself.)

Development Today launched a busy consultancy, international travel, workshops and direct assistance to hundreds of nonprofit organizations nationwide. At one time, Dr. Lant offered workshops and educational programs at over 25 colleges and universities simultaneously. It made for a lot of air travel! It also spawned a series of how-to books that turned Dr. Lant into a millionaire and brought his detailed, hard-hitting, practical advice to people worldwide. See Dr. Lant's catalog of books.

Along the way, Dr. Lant developed an internationally syndicated column carried by several hundred publications, a syndicated radio show on the Business Radio Network, and a string of special reports on specialized business- building subjects.

So it might have continued but for the creation of the Internet and a series of eye-opening phone calls from George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, two Edmonton-Alberta- based entrepreneurs who were way ahead of their time. They persuaded Dr. Lant to come to Edmonton and see the future -- the Internet -- for himself.

He did. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What he saw in Edmonton, back in 1993, was that anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer and access to the Internet could transmit unlimited amounts of information to people worldwide. In a moment, the glimmer of an idea took form that is still being developed right now.

This new technology opened the possibility of staying at home and helping people worldwide at little or no expense! As a result of that trip, Worldprofit Inc., a company which has opened the Internet to business people worldwide, people who want to enter and profit from new markets across the universe for their products and services, was born!

These days Dr. Lant, still publishing articles just like he's been doing for over 50 years, helps business people worldwide understand how the Internet can benefit them.

He helps entrepreneurs without products of their own succeed as a Worldprofit dealer. He helps business people who want to put some or all of their operations online. Visit Worldprofit's line of ready-made home business packages.

And, amazingly, he still publishes his phone number for all the world to see -- (617) 547 6372 (Eastern time) -- easily making him the world's most accessible CEO!

The success of Dr. Lant's various activities enables him to indulge his passion for European art and artifacts from the 17-19th centuries, particularly paintings, silver, furniture, autographs, and carpets. An avid collector since boyhood, these days you'll find Dr. Lant's office strewn with the catalogs of major auction houses worldwide. Dr. Lant's collection is now well known and attracts both eminent visitors and scholars and collectors just beginning their own special journeys. (See the photo gallery and learn more about this cele brated collection which is still growing.) These days Dr. Lant also maintains a warm relationship with The National Trust for Historic Preservation, where his expertise is employed in saving artifacts from America's endangered historic properties.

Says Dr. Lant, "I've been blessed in my life. No question about it. But, as Browning said, 'the best is yet to come.' That's why EVERY morning, I'm up early, ready to dig into my email and see who I can help today. The Internet seems to me to be what I was waiting for my entire life, right from the day, over a half-century ago, when I published my first article. Thanks to Worldprofit Inc. and the Internet, I am in constant touch with ever expanding numbers of people worldwide who want to profit from this amazing medium, just as I have done. I'm standing by RIGHT NOW to help you.  And thanks to Worldprofit's unique Live Business Center you can easily meet and speak to me live. I look forward to our meeting and to helping you profit online!




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